Are Vegetarians Better In Bed

Do Vegetarians Make Better Lovers

Recent research has been published in the ‘Hormones and Behavior’ Journal that highlights a direct link between sexual performance and the natural compounds found in plants, vegetable and fruits.

The findings have shown that certain compounds can elevate hormone levels and boost sexual desire.

The study carried out by UC Berkleys Department of Environmental Science followed a group of primates – to be exact some red colombus monkeys. The study monitiored the monkeys, what they eat and how often they mated.

When a supply of  leaves from the Millettia Dura tree was left out for them, the mating frequency went up quite considerably, leaving the scientists in no doubt that the natural compounds found in these leaves had somehow triggered a rise in sexual activity.

The Results

Upon investigation, it was found that the leaves had high levels of  estradiol (the sex hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormone), along with these, the scientists also found a compound similar to our natural oestrogen which is also common in soy based products.

It is now believed that eating vegetable based diets can have the same beneficial  effects on humans.

Animal charity PETA claim that vegetables holds the key to greater virility as its well documented that the fats and cholesterol found in meats and dairy products help to clog the arteries, reducing blood flow and along with it the ability to get or maintain strong erections.

Vegetarians are generally less prone to stroke and heart problems along with reduced risk of certain cancers, diabetes and obesity.

One director is quoted as saying

“When it comes to making love, those on a high meat based diet tend to be sluggish as the blood tries to squeeze through their arteries, but those on a high vegetable diet have the stamina to keep going all night”

It’s not the first time that our diet and sexual prowess have been linked; quite recently the Daily Mail ran a feature that highlighted the effects that a full fat diet can have on male fertility.

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