Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump Review

Bathmate Penis Pump

The Bathmate penis pump is made by UltraMax, it is the UK’s best selling penis enlargement pump and is sold in large quantities world wide.

What Is Bathmate


These type of pumps are supposed to work more quickly than other enlargement methods -The Bathmate is the best in its class and is designed to address the three problems most associated with the penis, that is erection problems, penis size and to a lesser degree penile curvature

Bathmate Penis pump is one of the few pumps out there that use hydro-technology, they can be used (as the name suggests) in the bath or shower, using water to support the penis. While the concept is fine many of these devices have always had a reputation to be difficult to use and can be painful, clumsy and produce unsatisfying results –

Bathmate on the other hand makes it so simple and effective and is proven to be both safe and effective.

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The Bathmate Penis Pump- How Does It Work

The penis is made up of different chambers and blood vessels, when pumped, the device creates a vacuum in the chamber, this draws more blood into the penis which in turn increases the size of the chambers (Coropora Cavernosa) that fill with blood to provide an erection, as more blood is drawn into the penis these swell and the result is a larger and more erect penis.

Dangers of Using Inferior Penis Pumps

Perhaps the biggest risk of using some penis pumps  is the potential chance of injury, by nature of its unnatural action its vacuum effect can cause broken blood cells and potential tissue deformity.

Bathmate has been carefully designed and is proven to ensure maximum safety for all users

Should I Buy The Bathmate Penis Pump

Bathmate is without doubt the best of its kind, it is highly effective at providingbathmate_model short to mid term erect penis growth, its use can also help improve general sexual performance and control over ejaculations.

With regular use, Bathmate has been proven to provide permanent penis growth, as the blood vessels and tissue expand, under the gentle pressure, they will divide and duplicate, this helps to form more tissues and eventually leads to a permanent gain in both length and girth

Where Can I Buy A Bathmate Penis Pump

Bathmate Can be bought on the high street at various specialist adult shops, but to ensure that you are buying genuine Bathmate products we suggest that you go to the official suppliers website. Purchases can also be made easily and discreetly –  prices start at £69.00

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Alternative Methods Of Increasing Penis Size Permanently

SizeGenetics-deviceTraction devices are another highly effective option, they are medically proven to work, are safe to use and offer proven and more importantly permanent results

Penis traction devices retail from between £110 and £300, they are tried and tested and use medical grade components.

The best selling device is the one made by Size Genetics, a type one medical device designed, approved and used by doctors worldwide, Size Genetics can provide an increase in length of between 2 and 3″

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