Daily glass of pomegranate juice Viagra effect

Pomegranate Juice Viagra Effect

An article in the science section of the daily mail today tells us about recent trials in pomegranate juice viagraScotland focused on the affects of a daily glass of pomegranate juice

Scientists followed 58 subjects of both sexes over a period of two weeks monitoring the effects that the daily fruit juice drink had on their body’s.

The results were very suprising;

all test subjects experienced a surge in their testosterone levels and with that, increased sexual desire.

Testosterone is produced in both sexes, in Men it can control things like facial hair, the depth of our voices and sexual desire and response.

In Women the hormone is produced by their adrenal glands and ovaries, it helps to increase the strength in their muscles and bones and also has a boosting effect on the female libido.

Pomegranate has long been appreciated for its health giving benefits, being a powerful source of natural antioxidants, it can help to reduce toxins in our body that affect our health and circulation.

 Can Pomegranate Be A True Alternative To Viagra

Most of us know about the healthy benefits of pomegranate, what may not be such common knowledge is that the fruits extract helps to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body, this in turn helps to relax the blood vessels, allowing an increased flow of blood to the extremities.

 This Is Exactly How Viagra and Similar Drugs Work

 In order for a man to achieve and retain a powerful erection, the blood flow to the penis needs to be of sufficient strength, if not the resulting erection will be weak and short-lived.

The daily drinking of pomegranate juice definitely has far reaching health benefits, but to recreat the effects of Viagra, you would have to drink somewhere approaching the juice from 500 pomegranates.

Can We Find Pomegranate In Male Supplements

male extra pomegranate viagraFortunately the Viagra effect of pomegranate has not been overlooked and one company has packed a powerful dose of Pomegranate 70% ellagic acid into their supplement.

The product called Male Extra, has been voted best in its class for the past few years, it uses a 100% natural organic formulation to provide the powerful effects of Viagra without the need for a doctors prescription and certainly without the nasty side effects associated with Viagra and similar prescription pills.

Made here in the UK, Male Extra is clinically proven to provide its users with increased sexual desire and function in a safe and natural way.

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