Dairy Products Can Reduce Fertility

Can Cheese Ruin Your Fertility

Recent studies at Harvard University USA have shown the possibility that eating just 3 cheeseportions of full fat dairy products per day can have a real reducing effect on fertility.

The study showed that full fat dairy, in particular cheese can reduce a mans fertility and along with it his chances of fathering a child

Results from the study which was carried out on a group of health men aged between 19 and 25 revealed that those who eat more than 3 portions each day produced 25% less sperm which also had reduced motility and poorer quality.

This was when comparing the sperm to that taken from men who eat less than 3 portions per day.

The reason for this is that full fat milk contains high levels of the female hormone oestrogen along with traces of heavy metals, and free radicals.

These Could be The Cause Of A Mans Reduced Fertilty

As with any study, this one has its opponents, with a senior doctor from the British Fertility Society literally rubbishing these results saying that it wasn’t necessary to give up dairy products. He added that those men who eat dairy should have no problem fathering children, although he did agree that eating excess amounts of dairy could reduce the quality of sperm being produced.

Everything In Moderation – That’s What We Say

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