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Problem Getting An Erection?

Instant Performer Review

man-with-erectile-dysfunction-on-edge-of-bedErection problems can effect men at any time in their lives, it is a fact that erection dysfunction will at some point, affect up to 40% of all men to various degrees.

What Causes Erection Problems

Erection dysfunction (ED) has many causes: too much alcohol and stress are major causes, anxiety, medical conditions including blood pressure problems and reactions to certain medications are all known to cause ED.

Erection problems are somewhat temporary for the majority of men and can be quite easily resolved.

Doctors can prescribe certain erection enhancing drugs such as Viagra, this world famous drug made by Pfizer is the most prescribed erection pill in the world, Pfizer estimate that 8 tablets are prescribed every minute worldwide.viagra4

The problem with Viagra are its side effects, at best these have been reported to include headaches, disturbed vision and in some cases tinnitus.

Extreme side effects have also been reported such as shortness of breath, restlessness and even chest pains.

Natural Ways To Achieve An Erection

The problem with a lack of erection is that it always seems to happen at the most inappropriate time, added to this the fact that most prescription pills take at least an hour to get to work, takes the spontaneity away from sex.

Try Instant Performer

instant performer reviews

Instant Performer is an erection aid like no other, an easy to apply gel that when gently rubbed into the penis will deliver a rock solid and long lasting erection within 40 seconds.

Made from totally unique and natural ingredients that include pomegranate and l-arginine, Instant Performer is proven to be both effective and more importantly safe, giving none of the side effects associated with Viagra and similar prescription drugs.

The makers of Instant Performer are so confident of their product that they provide buyers with an extensive 180 day cash back guarantee.

Their belief is simple, they feel that their product is the best instant erection aid available, if you buy and try Instant Performer and do not agree with them, return your purchase and they will give a full and no questions asked cash refund.

Instant Performer is available to buy directly from the official website:

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A months supply of instant performer costs £29.95 and the manufacturers offer substantial discounts for orders of two months supply and above

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