Heart Implants Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

New Implants Could Stop Erection Problems


Doctors in Cardiff are the first to try out a new surgical procedure that could eliminate the problem of erectile dysfunction for thousands of men.

They have just carried out the first procedure that involves placing a stent – something usually used to hold arteries open in the heart – into the penis.

It is thought that this improve the blood flow into the penis – a key component of achieving a good erection, and it is hoped that at least a third of all men with the problem could benefit from this procedure.

Erection Problems Affect Many Men

It is estimated that up to a half of all men between 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction to varying degrees. Although many men chose to ignore the problem rather than go through the embarrassment of a doctor’s consultation, those that do go, have up to now usually been prescribed prescription drugs such as Viagra or Levitra.

Although quite effective for many men, these drugs often have side effects, some being quite unpleasant, they also take away the spontaneity of sex. Viagra for instance should be taken up to 2 hours in advance when sexual activity is expected.

A common cause of erection problems is a reduction in the opening of the blood vessels and arteries; these can become clogged or furred up with age.

Stents have been used to help people with heart problems for 20 years, they are tiny metal tubes that fit into and support the arteries, allowing for a regular flow of blood to pass through them.

Although this form of treatment is still in its infancy, it is hoped that it will in time be used to treat around 30% of men with severe problems that cannot get any cure elsewhere.

The procedure is quite simple (albeit eye watering) the stent is mounted on an inflatable balloon that is pushed through the artery to the required position inside the penis, the balloon is then inflated, allowing the stent to expand and hold the artery open. The balloon is then removed, leaving the stent in position.

The procedure is currently only available privately, and costs between £4000 and £7000. It is hoped that with more successful procedures, the NHS may begin offer the surgery.

Doctors Warning

It is recommended that men who begin to suffer with erection problems to contact their doctor, as in some cases, it can be the early warning of the onset of vascular problems which could result in a heart attack several years down the line.

Until this surgical procedure has been tried and tested, taking prescription drugs or natural remedies are still the only viable options, with Viagra and the like known to cause some quite unpleasant side effects, many men are now looking at natural alternatives to Viagra,

Herbal Viagra

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