How To Control Premature Ejaculation


Stop Premature Ejaculation In 6 Stages

Premature Ejaculation can spoil relationships, the embarrassment of finishing before you have even got started blights many men’s lives, leading them to shutterstock_39482713avoid sex and possibly even relationships.

But there is help with this problem, and it comes in the form of these 6 tips:

(1) Practice Masturbation

Most men don’t need an excuse to masturbate, but the key is to work with the woman’s orgasm in mind, not your own, take your time, practice for at least 15 minutes, bring yourself almost the point of no return but stop before its too late, do not allow yourself to ejaculate before the time is up.

(2) The Squeeze Technique

If you find yourself getting close to orgasm during sex, stop what you are doing male rolling down a condomand squeeze using your finger and thumb just below the head of the penis. Try and target the pressure on the tube (urethra) that runs down the underside of the penis. This technique effectively pushes blood back out of the penis decreasing sexual tension and reduces the need to ejaculate

(3) The Phases Leading To Ejaculation

The process of sexual response can be broken down into 4 phases; excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. The plateau and orgasm stages are the most important ones to deal with as most men will crash straight through the plateau and into orgasm.

The trick with premature ejaculation is to try and recognise your own point of ejaculatory inevitability and then try to keep your excitement to a level just beneath that. On a scale of 1 to 10 with no 10 being orgasm, try and keep your own excitement level at around no 7. This is difficult but can be achieved with practice.

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(4) Press and Tease

Go slowly, enter her gently and never go all in straight away, press your penis head against her clitoris, move it around the entrance to her vagina, tease her as this is where the most sensitive nerve endings are. Use shallow gentle movements and only enter the first 2 – 3 “ of her vaginal canal, porgasm-200x300ress your penis against the G spot and try not to thrust to vigorously as you will last that much longer.

(5) Ladies First

Keep your woman happy, they have the capability to have multiple orgasms, so help them to do just that… use your fingers, your mouth, once she has reached her first orgasm, the pressure will be off you and you will naturally perform better with reduced anxiety about finishing too early.

(6) Have A Sex Workout

goldillusPenis exercises are an excellent way of strengthening your pubococcyeal muscles (PC) situated in the pelvic floor, these muscles can be clenched to stop ejaculation and urination, these are a proven way of improving your control of not only your need to ejaculate,. But can also greatly improve erection quality and strength.

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