Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel Review

Can Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel Really Make Your Lovemaking Last

The best selling delaying gel from the USA is now available here in the UK direct from the official distributors… called Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel it has been the saviour for many men ( and their partners) with its amazing ability to reduce sensitivity and prolong ejaculations to provide a great increase in sexual enjoyment.

Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel uses an effective, yet gentle numbing formula that uses 319779-322127-350x350benzocaine as its main active ingredient.. as a result, your penis will be less sensitive, and you will be able to last much longer while making love… the dermatologically tested gel has a subtle mint flavour that smells great and is oral sex friendly.

Its easy to use and will provide the following benefits

  • Fast Acting
  • Reduces Sensitivity and Prolongs Enjoyment
  • Just Apply To The Penis – Immediate Effects
  • Minty Smell and Taste
  • Latex Safe – can be used with condoms
  • 1.7oz tube – flip top cap for single handed operation

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A perfect addition to your bedside drawer, its effects are perfect to prolong ejaculations, and enable you to increase your performance to enable you to both have powerful, simultaneous orgasms.

User Reviews

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Using Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel

it is easy to apply, simple massage a small amount of gel into the shaft of the erect penis.. its effects get to work quickly and you will feel a cool tingling effects as its ingredients get to work to numb and soothe.

If you love oral sex, this gel also helps to control that gag reflex that can come with deep throated oral sex to make it more enjoyable for both you and your partner

Where To Buy Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel

This amazing gel can be bought online from Adam and Eve… the prices are shown in US $ on the website, but buyers from the UK can now buy direct with fast worldwide shipping.

Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel costs $22.95 which  for Uk buyers works out at £13.78… there is a small international shipping charge which is £5.95 per order regardless of the size of the order ( 1 item or over 10)

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