Last Longer In Bed With Vivaxa

Last Longer In Bed With Vivaxa

One of the problems with a lot of men is that they find it difficult to last very long in bed, this can leave them feeling embarrassed and their partners feeling short changed or simply frustrated.

It is not always down to their youth, inexperience or even nerves, sometimes the problem can be down to hyper sensitivity of the skin, any sensations are magnified leading to premature ejaculation and unsatisfied partners.

There have been products out on the market for some time that claim to calm the sensitivity on the man, but the problem with some of these have been that they also have the same effect on the woman, leaving them without feeling or any pleasurable sensations during love making.

The clinical technicians at Vivaxa have formulated a special serum that when applied to the penis topically, will de-sensitize the penis without having any effect whatsoever on the woman, the result is greater sexual performance, longer lasting love making leading to improved orgasms for both partners.

Vivaxa is formulated with a totally safe and unique erection enhancing compound called Peptide 171 and a clinically proven skin soothing and calming ingredient called Calmosensine that combine to de-sensitize the skin of the penis and prolong your performance.

No more ‘Minute Man’ !!

Vivaxa is surprisingly inexpensive, orders are shipped from the manufacturing facility worldwide in discreet packaging, no one will ever know your secret!!

A months supply costs just USD $59.95 which for UK customers calculates out at GBP £36.71

Orders can be placed securely online or if you prefer by fax, phone or mail.

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