Lengthen Your Penis With The Male Edge Penis Extender

Lengthen Your Penis With The Male Edge Penis Extender

For men looking to get a longer penis, there is a wealth of products out there claiming to increase the length and girth of their penis. These include pills, weights, suction pumps, exercises and of course traction devices. When looking at this choice, while they all have beneficial effects, it is without a doubt the traction device that is proven to be the most effective and reliable.

Male Edge

Of the many products out there, Male Edge is certainly one to consider, made by  specialist Danish company Danamedic. These are the people responsible for the very first ever commercially available penis extender – the  famous Jes Extenderwhich is still available today remaining one of the best in its class.

Developed to bring a new contemporary feel to the device, with improvements in comfort, and fully adjustable traction power, the Male Edge will give a proven and clinically certified increase in length and girth. What ever the starting size of your penis, its length can be increased by an impressive 28% and the girth should expand by around 19%.

For example, if your penis is 7” fully erect, you could achieve growth to take it up to an eye watering 9” when using Male Edge

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How Does Male Edge Work

Male Edge works by using the medically approved method of traction, this permanent, yet gentle pulling or stretching power, causes (over a period of time) the internal cells inside the penis to divide and duplicate, producing increased mass to the penis which is permanent.

Traction is widely used by doctors worldwide to straighten or lengthen stunted or inured limbs, we have all seen photoraph’s of ancient tribal cultures that use traction to lengthen their neck, lips and earlobes.

Peyronies Disease

If you are unfortunate to suffer from Peyronies disease (Curvature of the penis) the Male edge is proven to correct curvature from between 50% and 90%.

The Male Edge has a 100% success rate when used as per the instructions.

Sensibly Priced

Probably the most sensibly priced product in its niche, the Male edge starts at around €130 with a choice of useful accessories to enhance the enlargement effect.


The manufacturers give a full 2 year warranty on every order, every product is shipped in totally discreet packaging and whats more they are so confident that users will gain penis length that they offer a double money back guarantee should a user achieve no growth after using and following the Male Edge Enlargement system.

If It Doesn’t Work For You, Male Edge Will Refund Double Your Purchase Price

To Date They have not had one claim on this guarantee!!

This is most clearly a true sign of confidence in this product and it is certainly one to consider if you are considering increasing the size of your penis.

Get The Penis You Have Always Wanted- Your Partner Will Love It!!

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