My Penis Is Bent – What Can I Do

My Penis Is Bent – What Can I Do

A worried reader wrote into THE SUN yesterday and asked their resident agony aunt Diedre what could he do about his bent Penis, Quite rightly Diedre tried to put him at ease, and not knowing just how bad the curve was, she suggested that he not worry, maybe talk to his doctor if he has any major concerns.

Curvature of the penis is not uncommon, however some case are quite severe, these are often caused by Peyronies disease, a build up of fibrous plaque down one side of the penis which causes the penis to bend or curve upwards or sideways when it gets an erection.

This can be quite unpleasant and in cases of severe curvature, sexual intercourse can be extremely painful for both parties and sometimes impossible.

There are a few methods used to cure this problem, sometimes doctors will try vitamin therapy or occassionally surgery is required.

The Most Effective Cure For Peyronies Disease

The most effective and permanent cure for penile curvature is by using a penis traction device. These devices are worn on the penis and work to straighten the curve by applying a gentle but permanent stretching pressure on the penis., This treatment can take a while to work, but is proven to be a painless and effective way of straightening curved penises.

The Jes Extender

There are a few good devices available to buy, however one device to consider is the Jes-extender. Manufactured by a Danish company, Jes Extender is a clinically proven way to cure Peyronies Disease. It has been available for over 14 years and the manufacturers report that over 250,000 have been sold worldwide.

The manufacturers demonstate full medical backing and customers testimonials on their website. They were the first manufacturer to guarantee  the sheer effectiveness of their product by offering buyers a ‘Double money back guarantee’, They promise buyers that if after following the Jes Extender program  that they will refund twice your purchase price if you are dissatisfied with the results.

They are proud to state on their informative website that to date they have not had one claim under this guarantee.

Slightly more affordable than some other traction devices on the market, they are priced in Euros on their website, their prices begin at € 179 for the entry level model right through to €349 for the top of the range model.

The best buy in our opinion is the Original Extender priced at €199

Get A Cure For Your Curved Penis:

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