Oxytocin Libido Enhancing Drug

What Is Oxytocin

The subject of some intense media coverage, Oxytocin has been hailed as a possible replacement for Viagra and other chemical based erection aids

What Is Oxytocin

Commonly referred to as the ‘cuddle drug’ it is a naturally produced chemical, released by a mother to help her baby bond with her.

It has been discovered in recent studies that there is a link between oxytocin and increased sexual desire and performance in men.

One highly reputable scientist has described this discovery as having Blockbusting Potential.

How Does Oxytocin Work

During labour, increased amounts of Oxytocin are released into the mothers blood, it helps to promote the development of breast milk and floods the brain as the new born baby feeds. This (as has been discovered), helps to strengthen the bonding between mother and baby.


Research has been carried out with Oxytocin, it was incorporated into a nasal spray which was administered to male test subjects twice a day.

The men reported back that they generally felt more affectionate, and found sexual contact easier with increased satisfaction. As an added benefit, the test subjects reported that their partners responded to the increased affection, becoming increasingly tactile and responsive in bed.

Scientists are saying that Oxytocin could become as effective as Viagra, but without the side effects that are liked to this and other chemical based sexual enhancing drugs.

Where Can I Buy Oxytocin Nasal Sprays

They are not yet available; scientists feel that more tests and trials will be required before any products containing Oxytocin are made available to the general public.

Natural Alternatives To Viagra

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