Making My Penis Longer

Enlarging Your Penis

Penis enlargement is not a new subject, its practices date back as far as 2000 years ago with african tribes recording methods of enlarging their manhood.

It has only been in the last 25 years or so, medically approved Penis Traction Devices, along with Penis Exercise programs and the less popular surgical methods have become readily available to anybody looking to increase the size of their Penis.

penis weight 1Centuries ago, the only method was to actually try and stretch their penis by hanging weights or making slits down the length of the shaft.

It was the Chinese who actually came up with the forerunner of todays devices, they used to wear a woven sleeve (very much like a chinese finger trap) which would gradually stretch their penis.

Modern times has brought with it more suitable and less barbaric methods to increase the length of the penis.

Luckily during the century alternative methods have come into practice.

These methods include Jelqing and Penis Traction Devices, and Surgery.

Initially used as a bonding method in the middle east, often between a father and his son to help the son prepare for a sexual relationship. Quite simply it is a simple but reliable method of exercising the penis, resulting in increased girth and length.

Jelqing is made up of around 200 movements and takes around half an hour to complete. Results obtained by using this method included adding an extra 1.4 inches to the length and 1 inch to the girth.

penis health dvdFor more information on Jelqing and the modern day version of these traditional exercises visit the Penis Health Website


There are three commonly used types of Penis enlargement surgery, these are particularily ppular in America. They are Penile injection, cutting ligaments and implants.

.Penile injection

Putting cells from the main body into the main shaft of the penis.

Cutting of Ligament

Doctors will cut the base ligament of the penis, while this will alow the penis to hang further and possibly gaining an increase of up to 2inches, this does have a downside as the penis is unable to stand erect due to the cut ligament

Inflatable implants

Implants are fitted in place of the natural blood vessels within the penis, they are then manually inflated as required.

Though all these treatments and surgeries will no doubt work, the other effects of the treatment are less desireable such as scarring, penis deforming, and an inability to stand erect.

Traction Penis Enlargement Devices

First designed in the early 1900’s, there are a range of penis enlargement devices that are medically backed to CEsize genetics standards and are also clinically proven to increase the growth of new tissue cells in the penis

Some of these devices can provide results within the first week and if used over 6 months can achieve a growth of up to 30%. It has been proven that increases from using these devices are usually permanent.

Size Genetics are a proven supplier of these devices,

The Size Genetics Website will provide more information on their products.

Penis enlargement – Whats Next

With so many methods now available, enlarging your penis has made great strides since it was first practised back around 440BC

These days Men can get the penis that they desire without submitting themselves to painful or potentially dangerous surgeries. Instead penis traction devices offer a safe and effective way to enlarge the penis in conjunction with penis exercises.

Penis enlargement is not a pipe dream, men can now buy a way to give them permanent results of up to 30% longer in length.

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