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SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Device

Guaranteed Penis Enlargement – Or Your Money Back!!

If you are looking to enlarge your penis, or if you are suffering from penile curvature, the size genetics enlargement device could be the answer to your prayers.

It is a clinically proven product that is made an dispatched from within the UK.

SizeGenetics-deviceThe SizeGenetics device was the very first male enhancement product that used traction to be introduced into the marketplace it was awarded the CE mark of approval UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.

Since then many similar products were introduced, most coming from from the United States and some from Scandinavia. The majority used the design of the Size Genetics device on which to base their own model. Because of this, most penis traction devices do look similar in appearance.

  • Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back
  • Medically Approved Type 1 Device
  • Patented 16 Way Comfort System – Essential For Maximum Gains
  • Achieve Increases in Length Of Up To 3″
  • Straightens And Increases Girth
  • Boosts Sexual Performance

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“If your aim is to enlarge the size of your penis in both length and girth – the SizeGenetics is one product worth considering”

What Makes The ‘Size Genetics’ System So Different

The main aim of the SizeGenetics traction system was originally targeted towards curing Penile Curvature, a medical condition called Peyronies Disease

Traction is widely used by the medical profession to rectify stunted limbs or to rectify damage following breaks or accidents. Many ancient tribes have used traction to lengthen necks or enlarge earlobes, lips and of course penises.

The Size Genetics system is one of the only devices of its kind to actually be an approved type 1 medical device made to precise standards, making it different to the majority of its competitors.

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Size Genetics In The Media

The Size Genetics device was featured in the Daily Mail and top Mens magazineUnknown-1 GQ, reporter James Mullinger tried the device, just for a short period of time, but still achieved significant growth to his penis.

“It just grows and grows. The device clearly works but I’m not sure I want it to continue.

There’s only so much a woman can take and I’m wary of getting addicted to the growth.”

James Mullinger GQ Magazine

Today though, the media both sides of the Atlantic still finds matters pertaining to penis enhancement – somewhat taboo.

Very little about these devices is ever released in the mainstream media.

That said some late night TV programs have covered this subject in particular the Size Genetics Device.

These include

Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty – Star reporter Tim Shaw attempted to enlarge his own penis using the size genetics device. Tim attained an additional 1/2 inch in length in just over a fortnight.

The Jonathan Ross show featured the device, not particularly informative but entertai7355ning (as only Jonathon Ross Can be)

Since the Size Genetics device was introduced, many hundreds of medical specialists and clinics have recommended the use of this system to treat various conditions ranging from penile curvature to cosmetically enhancing or increasing penis size.

How Does The Size Genetics Device Work

The device provides a gentle but consistent traction force fully through the length of the penis that enables the penis’s growth function.

As the pressure is applied your body begins to grow new tissue cells which kick starts an increase in both the length and girth of your penis. It is easy to wear under your trousers even while you are at work and while you are sleeping.

Does Using The Traction Device Cause Any Problems

The SizeGenetics device is manufactured from medically approved non allergic material and will not cause any side effects or harm.

This is opposed to some copycat devices that are built from cheaper materials and so using these could bring the risk of associated health issues with them.

Where Can I Buy SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is only available to buy from the manufacturer’s official website. Orders can be placed either online or via the telephone.

All orders are backed with a six month guarantee and are shipped discreetly worldwide.

At time of writing the Size Genetics system starts at £127.50.


The top of the ultimate system costs £219.50 and buyers also receive the Penis Health system. This is the award winning penis exercise DVD.

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