Premature Ejaculation Can be Cured


The Latest Cure For Premature Ejaculation

An article in the Sun Newspaper yesterday gave details of a new drug that will soon be available on private prescription to help cure Premature Ejaculation.


The Suns Health Editor Emma Morton introduced the new drug that is called Priligy.

It is devised to help men who suffer from this condition to maintain intercourse up to three times longer after taking this pill.

It changes production of a chemical that is found in the brain known as Serotin, this enables men to have far greater control over their moment of climax.

Users will be able to obtain this pill online with a private prescription. The downside is that it is expensive, a pack of three pills will be retailing at £76, that’s just over £25 a pill!

The only problem that we can see with this pill (aside from the cost), is that spontaneity will be a thing of the past; Users will have to pre plan when sexual intercourse is going to happen in advance as the tablets do take around 3 hours to work.

We also do not know just how tested this product is, how safe it is and how effective it is. It has been available in europe for a couple of years so we can assume it does have some useful benefits.

There Is A Proven Alternative

An already tried and tested totally natural method is available that is proven to reduce Premature Ejaculation and which will also improve quality of the users erections and staying power.

Male Extra is a pure 100% natural product containing no synthetic or man-made additives, it has a really unique mix of natural ingredients including pomegranate (which has also featured in another Sun Report) and l-arginine. These are proven to improve erections and the users ability to last longer when it matters .

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Male Extra is Priced at £39.95 for a months supply of 90 pills.

That is far cheaper when comparing it with the Priligy product. (only 54p per pill against £25!!,)

The makers of Male Extra are so sure of their product that they give all customers a full money back guarantee with no questions asked if Male Extra does not work for them.

There doesnt seem to be the same guarantee with Priligy

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