Half Of British Men Are Flops In Bed

Impotence Is On The Increase

A survey recently carried out by UK leading high street chemist Boots has highlighted the fact that around 50% of all men suffer from impotence at some point in their lives, the survey, of 4500 men found that excess alcohol; is one of the main reasons for this problem.

man with impotenceBut the sensitive and somewhat embarrassing nature of this problem does mean that many suffer in silence, shying away from their partner, and even declining to discuss it with their doctor. This can have a devastating effect on a relationship, the wife or girlfriend of the sufferer will often feel that their partner no longer finds them attractive.

The survey also detailed that around 19% of sufferers struggled to make love when sober and also that just under 70% had suffered from premature ejaculation at some time or another.

Impotence Can Have A Devastating Effect On Self Esteem

One thing that all sufferers agreed on was that these problems definitely caused their self esteem to plummet.

Failure to discuss with their partner and their doctor all play a part in making the problem escalate.

Sexual problems are not just caused by drinking, other main causes for impotence include stress, obesity, smoking, and certain medications. Premature ejaculation is particularly caused by stress, and is often a problem associated with younger, possibly less experienced lovers.

viagraAlthough Viagra made by Pfizer is probably the best known anti impotence treatment, it is fraught with side effects, some rather unpleasant such as tinnitus, shortness of breath and palpitations have been reported by users.

The advance and development of natural remedies for impotence has been a great step forward for many men; ingredients such as pomegranate, horny goats weed and l-arginine are all proven to increase the blood flow to the penis, providing stronger and longer lasting erections without the risk or the side effects associated with Viagra and other prescription medications.

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