Orviax Review

Can Orviax Help With Erection Problems

What Is Orviax

Orviax is a natural based supplement aimed at the treatment of erection problems and orviaxreduced sex drive.

Made by UK based company Nathans Naturals who are also responsible for the erection aid Viswiss;

Orviax is claimed to be a faster and more effective alternative to Viagra.

With their rather grand claims of the it being the ‘ Worlds Best Male Libido Enhancer’ we wondered just what Orviax was all about.

How Does Orviax Work

Orviax is made using a reported formulation of 11 ingredients which include Damiana, Ashwaganda Root, Epimedium, Avena Sativa, Gingko Biloba, Korean Ginseng, Muira Puama, Maca, Tribulis Terrestris, Saw Palmetto and L-Arginine. These are claimed to be potent aphrodisiacs usually found in eastern medicine.

Of all these, the only ingredient with clinically proven libido enhancing properties is L-Arginine, this works very much along the lines of Viagra in that it dilates blood vessels in the penis, allowing a greater flow of blood into the area, providing greater, improved erections.

The makers claim that all the ingredients have been concentrated by 15 times the usual levels to provide a powerful boost to the male libido, this does sound impressive, but the problem is that the makers of Orviax provide absolutely no proof or evidence pertaining to this fact – quite simply, we do not know just how much of each ingredient is in each dose and therefore just how effective this product could be…

Does Orviax Have Any Side Effects

being intimateThere are no quoted reports of side effects, but in the absence of any real ingredient list and indeed the individual amounts of each ingredient per dose, it is hard to see if anything could cause any problems.

Is Orviax Recommended

The lack of any real clinical evidence makes Orviax hard to recommend. Another problem is the distinct lack of independent testimonials.

The guarantee is a bit confusing, buyers have a 67 day cash back guarantee, to qualify for a refund, you have to try Orviax for a full 60 days, if you do not feel or see any benefits from its use, you then have to return the bottles and any unused product within 7 days (67 days in total) for a refund (less shipping).

This means that you have to buy two or more months supply to qualify for a refund.

We Would Recommend

Have a look at Male Extra – voted best in its class for the past two years, Male Extra offers male extraeverything claimed by Orviax, but with official and clinical proof to back it up!!

With a 180 day cash back guarantee with no small print, Male Extra is a safe, natural alternative to Viagra that you can trust to work with no side effects.

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