The Difference Between Penis Extenders And Vacuum Pumps

What Is Best – Penis Pump Or Extender?

They both offer similar benefits, but these two versions of penis extenders are both very different in their build, purpose and function.

Here is a simple guide to both, highlighting the differences, the benefits and also any potential faults.

Device Definitionvimax-vs-bathmate

Penis Extender – mechanical device that uses traction to provide permanent penis enlargement.

Penis Vacuum Pump – Elongated balloon shaped device that uses vacuum to generate a powerful and often larger erection. – results are usually temporary unless used daily.

Main Purpose Of Devices

Penis Extender – Used for correcting penile curvature (Peyronies disease), correcting erection problems and primarily for permanent penis enlargement.

Vacuum Pump – Commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, can produce permanent enlargement with daily use

How Do They Work

sizegeneticsdevicePenis Extender – Work by applying traction, commonly used by doctors worldwide, the device places a gentle yet firm pulling pressure along the length of the penis. This causes internal cellular multiplication to develop and produce increased penis mass. Any growth gained by traction is permanent.

Penis Vacuum Pump – instead of traction, these devices place the penis under a vacuum that forces increased amounts of blood into the penis. The resulting erections are harder and usually visibly longer. Initial results disappear as the erection subsides, but with regular use permanent growth can be obtained.

How Long Do These Devices Take To Work

Penis Extender – permanent results do take time and commitment from the user, they need to be worn as often as possible each day. Initial results can be seen after a couple of weeks with increases of length around ½” commonplace, but to achieve maximum gains of up to 3” in length and increased girth, users need to be prepared to use the device for up to 6 months2-1

Penis Vacuum Pump – Easy to use and can bring on a visibly enlarged erection in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Permanent increases in size will take up to 6 months of regular use.

Are The Devices Safe

Penis Extender – Recommended by doctors worldwide, if used as directed, these will cause no side effects

Penis Vacuum Pump – Some poor quality pumps gave been know to cause twisting and cellular damage to user’s penises. Choose a pump that uses hydrotechnology (use with water) as these help to support and protect the penis while under the vacuum. These types are considered safe and do not cause any problems

Pricing Comparison

Penis Extenders – A good traction device will cost anywhere between £120 and £300, buy the best that you can afford, avoid any devices that use a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis, invest in a device that offers a choice of comfort fittings. The key with using these devices is the time spent wearing them, so the more comfortable, the better.

Penis Vacuum Pump – These are generally cheaper than extenders, costs run from around £75 upwards. Choose a device that is designed to use in the bath or shower, as these use water to support and protect the penis while being used.


Whatever you choose, either device can provide long term gains in size and girth. If you are more concerned with erection difficulties, then consider a penis vacuum pump as this offers fast results at minimum cost.

If your main concern is with size or maybe you are suffering with Peyronies disease (penile curvature), then a penis traction device is the best option.

Devices To Check Out

Penis Extender

SizeGenetics-deviceSize Genetics make a medically approved extender that was actually the worlds first specially developed penis traction device, officially classed as a type one medical device, Size Genetics is used and recommended by the medical community for the treatment of penile curvature as well as permanent enlargement.

Size Genetics uses a patented 16 way comfort system that ensures complete comfort while using the device. Gains of 3” are possible with Size Genetics.

Prices for Size Genetics Start At £127.00 With a full 6 month cash back guarantee

More About Size Genetics

Penis Vacuum Devicepenomet1

Penomet have developed a rather special vacuum device, developed for use in the bath or shower, the Penomet device will provide visibly longer, harder erections that last in just a matter of minutes. With regular daily use, permanent gains are possible. Cheaper than most penis extenders, Penomet has the longest cash back guarantee of any penis extender – 12 months.

Penomet Devices Start At £78.00

More About Penomet