Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Prelox

Prelox Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

For men who are looking for a prescription free treatment for Erection problems should consider Prelox. It is a totally natural based product developed to help men getting and maintaining an erection. It is available to buy without prescription and sold in UK high street outlets such as Holland and Barrett.

Prelox is a natural over the counter alternative and usually does not cause somepharma_nord_prelox_tablets___holland___barrett_-_the_uks_leading_health_retailer of the side effects normally associated with chemical based prescription only products such as Viagra and Cialis.

The downside with these two products are that they are available by prescription only and are not legally available to buy from high street shops or online

What Does Prelox Do

The idea with a these type of products is increase the blood flow to the penis. The greater the blood supply to the penis, the greater the increase in rigidity which will help to get a longer lasting erection and will also shorten recovery time between ejaculations.
The ingredients in Prelox include l-arginine and pycnogenol, these are proven products to stimulate circulation to the penis.

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Does Prelox Have Any Side Effects

Prelox is not noted for any major or harmful side effects but its use could cause a slight headache or dizziness – this is not uncommon with a majority of male enhancement tablets.

Is Prelox Effective

Prelox contains two of the best clinically proven ingredients that help male sexual virility, both L-Arginine and Pycnogenol are common ingredients in a lot of  non prescription sexual supplements. We are not convinced however that Prelox actually contains sufficient doses of these ingredients to be that effective.

Where Can I Buy Prelox

Prelox is available to buy from Holland and Barret in the high street and also discreetly from their official website.

The cost is currently £36.89 for a months supply.

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