Volume Pills Review UK

Volume Pills Review UK

It’s Time To Pump Up The Volume In The Bedroom

How does a whopping 500% more semen per load sound? Reckon it would make a difference to your bedroom performance?

We do too, which is why we’re taking a look at Volume Pills today. These intelligent little pills claim to give you:

  • Thicker, longer-lasting erections
  • More semen with every climax
  • Powerful ejaculations and orgasms
  • Improved prostate health and virility
  • Bigger sexual appetite

It claims to do this by directing blood flow to the penis and upping testosterone levels, leaving you ready to unleash in the bedroom.

Ready to pump up the volume? Let’s see if this product has the answer.

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The Volume Pills Formula

We’ve got all the information around what’s in the formula – all that’s missing is the exact quantities of each, unfortunately.

Here’s what’s helping Volume Pills pack a punch:

  • Solidin

This powerful natural ingredient contains L-dopa, which encourages the release of dopamine to boost sexual pleasure and sex drive.

  •  Xi lan rou gui

This Chinese herb dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the penis for stronger and longer-lasting erections. The omega 3 contained also boosts overall health.

  • Ku gua

This herb helps reduce body fat, which in turn stimulates testosterone release for high sex drive and semen production.

  •  4′, 5, 7- trihydroxyflavone and embilica officinalis

These compounds help enhance penis health and overall sexual functioning.

  •  San gao mu

This herbal extract promotes sexual health by controlling blood pressure and heart rate to fight against erectile dysfunction.

  • Dong chong xia cao

Boosts testosterone production to drive sexual desire and performance.

  •  Zinc oxide

This important mineral ups testosterone metabolism to drive sexual energy.

  • Xian mao

Known as the ‘natural Viagra’.

Directions For Use

Simply take two tablets each day with 8oz water.

User Feedback

Independent reviews are all first rate, with users from all over the world reporting some great improvements in both semen volume and ejaculation strength… improved orgasms and sexual satisfaction from both partners are also commonly reported

Reported Side Effects

There’s no reports of negative side effects here that we can see.

Where To Buy Volume Pills In The UK

In order to benefit from great value for money packages and an extensive money-back guarantee, we’d recommend going directly to the manufacturer’s website at Volumepills.com. There are a number of options here depending on the quantities you’re looking to buy. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • One-month supply = £50.16
  • Two-month supply = £123.48
  • Six-month supply = £192.93
  • 12-month supply = £269.29

Cashback Guarantee?

Looks like there’s a fairly iron-clad money-back guarantee on offer here. You have 60 days to try Volume Pills as directed – then if you’re not happy send everything back within another seven days (67 days in total) and you’ll receive a full refund. In other words, there’s nothing to lose!

Our Thoughts

There are a lot of semen enhancers on the market… the problem is that the majority of them are hashed together products made by companies who only have making money in there minds…all you will get with products like these is disappointment and frustration…

In Volume Pills you are getting something completely different.. Its formula is scientifically developed, and cleverly put together… thousands of users worldwide praise it for its ability to  enhance semen volume, boosting ejaculations, intensifying orgasms and ultimately improving sexual enjoyment for both you and your partner….

We 100% recommend Volume Pills to All Our Readers…

You Can Order Your Supply Directly From volumepills.com